La Grenouillère @ Omnivore Food Festival 2010

Extra Créateur 2010 du Carnet de Route Omnivore 2010 (sortie prévue aujourd’hui), Alexandre Gauthier est invité à fouler la scène du festival afin d’y présenter ses dernières créations. Il en profite pour présenter un film d’inspiration « Dexterienne », histoire d’en savoir un peu plus sur l’Alexandre d’aujourd’hui, sa cuisine, ses restaurants, son monde là haut près du Touquet…

Pour en savoir un peu plus sur la Grenouillère, son chef et son actualité, voici l’interview d’Alexandre réalisé lors du festival (Copyright Bruno Verjus – Stephane Riss – L. Vanparys).

Trio @ Omnivore Food Festival 2010

When Trio is on the scene, there is suddenly a lovely silence in the room. The audience is listening, watching, enjoying… An impressive demo performed smoothly with deep focus in the nordics roots, bringing a lot of sensibility on each dish cooked live. A great and convincing performance being one of the highlight of the event.  And for me being there twice during the last 6 months, i know for sure their restaurant will be of one of hot place to visit in coming months… You know what you have to do now.

We were happy to interview the 4 people of… Trio later in the day (Copyright Bruno Verjus – Stephane Riss – L. Vanparys).

Relae @ Omnivore Food Festival 2010

Don’t try to book a table at Relae in Copenhagen for next week. The restaurant is not open yet. But will be very soon now…  end of March, begin of April. Watch out. When it will be open, i’m guessing the place will be higlhy sollicitated as Christian Puglisi (2,5 years as 2nd of Rene Redzepi at Noma) and Kim Rossen (2 years at Noma also) have not only a great track record but will propose the kind of food and atmosphere that doesn’t really exist in Copenhagen these days.

This year, Christian was on the scene of the Omnivore Food Festival, in order to introduce his new restaurant but also to cook some dishes he will have on the menu at Relae. I could steal some bites… and was in heaven.

After their demo, we had the opportunity to interview Christian and Kim, all this sounds really exciting…  (Copyright Bruno Verjus – Stephane Riss – L. Vanparys).